Did you know you can place an order for Ozempic sourced from a reliable source in Singapore? While Canadian inventory is limited we offer our customers alternate solutions. Speak to a live agent today.

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Colleen Rosario

Very professional business who went out of their way to make sure we got what we needed for our newly diagnosed dog. The medicines I ordered came well packed and with no issue. Hassle-free Pharmacy and very promising staff. Highly… Read more “Colleen Rosario”

Anne Glover

Great service! Very kind and trustworthy…stayed in contact and on top of my order from the beginning. Did not charge my account until my order was delivered. Will definitely order from 365 Script Care… Read more “Anne Glover”

Kimberley Wagner

Thank you for making my experience so pleasant. it makes a huge… Read more “Kimberley Wagner”

Nayla Mccabe

365 Script Care is by far the best online Pharmacy you can find. I have always felt to be in the best hands when ordering from 365 Script Care. Their service is top-notch and I have always been given appropriate and helpful… Read more “Nayla Mccabe”

Audrey Rowland

Extremely professional and efficient service with a good overview of advice provided in addition to the medication… Read more “Audrey Rowland”

Lukasz Ventura

Outstanding Service from beginning to end, people who actually care. First-class, the very best online, fast, reliable. Highly… Read more “Lukasz Ventura”

Sameera Lennon

Excellent consultation and top-rate advice of which medication is best. I have used 365 Script Care for quite a while now and I have never had a problem just great customer service and fast delivery of my medication. I would recommend 365 Script Care to My Family and… Read more “Sameera Lennon”

Martyn Neal

Great customer service. The product was packed and processed efficiently and in a timely manner. It also arrived earlier than the expected time delivery. I have no problem using them to reorder in the near future. Highly… Read more “Martyn Neal”

Vijay Farley

A professional and much-appreciated service. Valuable advice is given and deliveries fast and efficient. This pharmacy has been of great help to me. Thank you for the excellent experience! Highly… Read more “Vijay Farley”

Jak Thomas

Very legitimate service, very punctual, and very understanding which is what I needed. Excellent staff. Timely mannered delivery. I would very much recommend this… Read more “Jak Thomas”

Danielle Connor

the service is unbeatable. they listen and suggest and give you the best advice around. Thank you! very… Read more “Danielle Connor”

Dania Bates

I’m Grateful to 365 Script Care. It fits our needs… Read more “Dania Bates”

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What Insurance Covers Mounjaro for Weight Loss

The discovery of new medications like Mounjaro, also known as tirzepatide, is a result of the search for long-term, sustainable weight loss options. By acting on both glucagon-like peptide-1(GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide(GIP) receptors, Mounjaro offers a novel strategy for treating obesity. This marks a significant advancement in the field of weight control. As a result, Mounjaro has shown great promise in encouraging improvements in metabolic parameters in addition to weight reduction. ​​ ​​In this context, this study will explore the insurance coverage environment for Mounjaro, looking at the necessary evidence, qualifyingRead more “What Insurance Covers Mounjaro for Weight Loss”

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Online Pharmacy Partner in the USA

Online pharmacy partners are a prime example of the digital transformation in healthcare in the United States. By enabling consumers to obtain medicines, schedule refills, and consult healthcare specialists from the comfort of their homes, these platforms revolutionize pharmaceutical access and offer unmatched convenience. Online pharmacy partners are changing the traditional pharmacy experience by emphasizing cost-effectiveness and personalized services. They envision a time when healthcare is not only accessible but also customized to each patient’s needs.

Canadian Pharmacy Partner

365 Script Care, a leading Canadian pharmacy partner, stands at the forefront of innovative healthcare solutions. With a commitment to quality and accessibility, they bridge the gap for American consumers seeking reliable medication services. Offering a diverse range of pharmaceuticals, 365 Script Care ensures a seamless online experience, prioritizing customer well-being. Their dedication to efficiency and excellence sets them apart, providing a trusted avenue for individuals in the USA to confidently access Canadian pharmaceuticals.

Medications Shipped to USA from Canada

Order fulfillment is our priority at 365 Script Care, and we strive to complete all orders in 7–10 business days. When ordering drugs from overseas suppliers, delivery times could run up to four or six weeks. Shipping times vary according to the destination and carriers used. Particularly, 365 Script Care allows patients in the USA to order drugs shipped from Canada. Our passion for our esteemed clients’ convenience and well-being is reflected in our commitment to ensuring prescriptions arrive on time and safely.

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