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Urocit-K is a medication used to manage kidney stones and certain urinary tract conditions.
Potassium Citrate
K-Citrate (Generic)
Potassium Citrate

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Product Description

Benefits of Urocit-K

Urocit-K offers several benefits for individuals with kidney stones and urinary tract issues. It helps prevent the formation of new kidney stones by increasing urine pH, making it less conducive to stone development. Additionally, Urocit-K can help dissolve existing stones, reducing the need for surgical procedures. It promotes overall urinary health, minimizing discomfort and the risk of recurrent kidney stones, thereby enhancing the patient’s quality of life.

How Urocit-K Works

Urocit-K works by providing the body with potassium citrate, which is a salt that raises the pH of urine, making it less acidic. This alkaline environment inhibits the formation of certain types of kidney stones, particularly those composed of calcium oxalate or uric acid. It also helps dissolve existing stones by preventing crystallization. By adjusting urine chemistry, Urocit-K effectively reduces the risk of stone formation and promotes kidney stone management.

More About Urocit-K

Urocit-K is primarily used to prevent and manage kidney stones. It contains potassium citrate, which raises urine pH, reducing the likelihood of stone formation and facilitating the dissolution of specific types of kidney stones. Additionally, it’s prescribed for conditions like gout, metabolic acidosis, and certain urinary tract infections where alkalinizing the urine is beneficial. Urocit-K effectively addresses these issues by modifying urinary chemistry.
Urocit-K may cause side effects, including stomach discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting. These symptoms can occur if the medication is not taken with food or water. High doses of Urocit-K may lead to hyperkalemia, a condition characterized by elevated potassium levels, which can result in muscle weakness, irregular heartbeats, or numbness. Allergic reactions, such as rash or difficulty breathing, are rare but possible side effects.
Typically, for preventing kidney stones, a common adult dosage is 20 mEq (2 tablets) to be taken with meals or within 30 minutes after eating and then adjusted based on urinary pH levels.
An overdose of Urocit-K can lead to high potassium levels in the blood, causing symptoms like muscle weakness, irregular heart rhythms, or numbness. In case of an overdose, seek immediate medical attention to address and manage the elevated potassium levels, which can be life-threatening.
If you miss a dose of Urocit-K, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it’s close to the next scheduled dose, skip the missed one. Do not double the dose to catch up. Follow your prescribed dosing schedule to maintain its effectiveness.
Before taking Urocit-K, inform your healthcare provider about any kidney problems or heart conditions. Monitoring potassium levels is crucial, as excessive potassium intake can be harmful. Use with caution in patients on potassium-sparing diuretics or with severe renal impairment. Avoid overuse and follow dosage instructions carefully to prevent complications.
Store Urocit-K at room temperature, away from moisture and light. Keep it tightly closed in its original container. Do not freeze the medication. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Proper storage helps maintain the medication’s effectiveness and safety for use.
365 Script Care is your reliable source for buying Urocit-K and a wide range of pharmaceutical solutions for managing kidney stones and certain urinary conditions. We are committed to providing convenient access to medications that support your well-being.
Urocit-K is a medication commonly prescribed to prevent and manage kidney stones and certain urinary conditions. It works by adjusting urine pH to inhibit stone formation and dissolution. While it offers numerous benefits, patients should be cautious of potential side effects, follow proper dosing instructions, and consider individual medical circumstances when using it.

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