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If you’ve ever dealt with diabetes, chances are you’re familiar with metformin, a widely prescribed medication to manage blood sugar levels. While metformin has proven to be effective in controlling diabetes, some individuals might experience an unexpected side effect – diarrhea. In this article, we’ll delve into the connection between metformin and diarrhea, understanding the underlying mechanisms, potential reasons, and ways to manage this issue.

What is Metformin?

Metformin is a widely prescribed oral medication utilized primarily for the management of type 2 diabetes. Belonging to the biguanide class of drugs, it functions by enhancing insulin sensitivity in cells and reducing excessive glucose production in the liver. This dual action helps regulate blood sugar levels by facilitating the uptake of glucose into cells and inhibiting the liver’s release of excess glucose into the bloodstream.

By improving the body’s response to insulin and curbing overproduction of glucose, metformin plays a fundamental role in maintaining balanced blood sugar levels and supporting overall diabetes management. Additionally, metformin may have implications beyond diabetes, as ongoing research explores its potential benefits in various health conditions.

Mechanism of Action 

Metformin, a medication for type 2 diabetes, enhances cellular sensitivity to insulin, promoting glucose uptake by muscles and the liver. It inhibits liver gluconeogenesis, reducing the production of glucose. Metformin also diminishes glucose absorption in the intestines, aiding in blood sugar control after meals. By improving insulin responsiveness, decreasing glucose production, and limiting absorption, metformin effectively manages blood sugar levels. Its mechanism minimizes the risk of hypoglycemia and positively impacts lipid metabolism, contributing to its widespread use in diabetes management.

Stomach ache

Why Does Metformin Cause Diarrhea

Metformin can induce gastrointestinal side effects like diarrhea in some individuals. The precise cause of metformin-related diarrhea is not fully established, but it’s believed to result from multiple factors. One theory is that metformin’s influence on glucose absorption in the gastrointestinal tract could disrupt water balance, leading to increased intestinal water content and subsequently diarrhea.

Additionally, metformin’s impact on gut microbiota composition might contribute to gastrointestinal discomfort. Individual responses to metformin’s effects on the gastrointestinal system can vary, accounting for differences in susceptibility to this side effect. If metformin-induced diarrhea becomes bothersome, consulting a healthcare provider is advised for tailored guidance and potential strategies to manage the issue while continuing to benefit from the medication’s blood sugar regulation properties.

Several Factors Influencing Diarrhea

Several factors could contribute to the likelihood of experiencing diarrhea while taking metformin:

  • Dosage: The dosage of metformin can play a role. Higher doses might increase the chances of gastrointestinal issues, including diarrhea.
  • Individual Sensitivity: People react differently to medications. Some individuals might be more sensitive to the gastrointestinal effects of metformin.
  • Duration of Use: Diarrhea might occur when starting metformin, but it often improves over time as the body adjusts to the medication.

Managing Metformin-Induced Diarrhea

If you’re experiencing diarrhea while taking metformin, there are steps you can take to alleviate the discomfort:

  • Consult Your Doctor: Always consult your healthcare provider before making any changes to your medication regimen.
  • Dosage Adjustment: Your doctor might recommend adjusting the dosage or changing the timing of your metformin intake.
  • Hydration: Staying hydrated is important to counteract the increased water content in the intestines.
  • Dietary Modifications: Certain dietary changes, such as reducing high-fiber foods, might help manage diarrhea.

Foods That Cause Diarrhea with Metformin

When it comes to managing diabetes with metformin, understanding potential interactions between the medication and certain foods is crucial. While metformin is effective in controlling blood sugar levels, some individuals might experience gastrointestinal discomfort, including diarrhea, when consuming specific foods alongside the medication.

This is due to metformin’s influence on glucose absorption and its effects on the gastrointestinal tract. High-fiber foods such as bran and whole grains, dairy products containing lactose, spicy dishes, fatty foods, and sugary items are known to be potential triggers. The combination of metformin and these foods can lead to increased water content in the intestines, resulting in digestive issues.

To minimize this risk, adopting a moderate approach to these foods, consuming a balanced diet, and staying adequately hydrated can help alleviate the potential discomfort while still enjoying the benefits of metformin for diabetes management. It’s important to note that individual responses may vary, so consulting a healthcare provider for personalized advice is advisable.

Where to Buy Metformin Online

Metformin, a widely prescribed medication for type 2 diabetes management, is available through various channels. You can buy metformin with a prescription from pharmacies, both in-person and online. One option is 365 Script Care, a reputable online pharmacy where you can purchase metformin and other prescribed medications. It’s important to note that metformin should only be obtained with a valid prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. Consulting a doctor to discuss your medical needs, receive a prescription, and determine the appropriate dosage is essential before purchasing metformin or any other medication.


While metformin proves to be a valuable tool in managing type 2 diabetes and controlling blood sugar levels, it’s crucial to be aware of potential side effects such as diarrhea. The exact mechanism behind metformin-induced diarrhea is not fully understood, but it might involve alterations in glucose absorption and gut microbiota composition.

Individuals’ responses can vary, with some experiencing this side effect while others do not. If metformin-induced diarrhea becomes bothersome, seeking guidance from a healthcare provider is recommended to explore strategies for managing the issue.

Remember, metformin can be acquired with a prescription from pharmacies, and a reputable option is 365 Script Care, an online pharmacy where you can purchase metformin and receive professional support. As always, consulting a doctor before starting any medication and discussing potential side effects and management options is essential for maintaining your health and well-being.


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